In Many Marios 0, an army is a selection of units, items and buildings from a player's inventory, which is used to enter combat (see Many Marios 0 combat for details).

Army constructionEdit

Any game object that can be part of an army has an Army Point (AP) value (see the Army Builder to find AP values). Armies are built with a predetermined AP value, and the army's AP total must not exceed it.

An army is composed of units, equipment, combat items and combat buildings. Units are ordered in a lineup before battle. The lineup sets the order in which an army's units enter the battle.

Units and equipmentEdit

A player may choose units from his or her inventory to build an army. Any equipment attached to a unit is also considered part of the army and costs AP. Building units are buildings that can be used as units in combat. These are ordered in the lineup and behave in combat just as normal units do. However, as buildings can't be equipped, building units can't use equipment in battle.

Combat itemsEdit

Combat items are items with an effect labeled [Combat]. Rather than being equipped to a unit, a combat item is applied to a unit before combat. Although most items with combat effects are consumable, using them in combat does not consume them. Combat effects override any other effect the item may have.

Combat buildingsEdit

Certain buildings have effects that affect combat. Such buildings are not included in the lineup as building units are; instead, they simply are entered into the battle and their effects are applied.