This page lists the people that have been involved in design and development for Many Marios.


S1x's Profile

Creator of the first version of Many Marios, S1x has led a number of projects, including board games, forum games and puzzles of all kinds. He is currently involved with the VGF RPG. His Many Marios credits include being the main designer and developer for the original Many Marios and Many Marios Fused.


Dux's Profile

A player in the original Many Marios, Dux quickly got involved in running the game system and posting updates. He subsequently posted his own version of the game, Many Marios 2, now allowing players to use characters other than the default Marios. He was once again a player in Many Marios Fused, but returned to design in Many Marios X and has been the main designer and developer for every version since.